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Radhika Hira
Hi! I’m Radhika, a preservice elementary school teacher in New York.
I’m kind of known for my positive attitude which I think is my biggest strength in a classroom. It allows my students to have a growth mindset and since they feel safe in making mistakes, it encourages risk taking as they learn to be learners. 
My favorite subjects to teach are math and social studies. Both subjects have this reputation for being direct and about facts, but they also offer the opportunity to investigate different approaches, perspectives and stories.
I used to work in marketing and merchandising before I found my two true passions - being a classroom teacher and  teaching yoga in educational settings.
I have a 14 year old boy, a beautiful dog, -North and live and work in the New York City area.
Radhika Teaching with Manipulatives
As I progress through the journey of becoming an educator a guiding principle for me in the classroom has been "transformability".* 
To me this means: 
Students are learning, changing and transforming everyday. As a teacher, I can guide this process with positivity and allow them to see that the relationship between their current abilities and their future selves can be changed and improved as a result of what happens in the present.
The links below elaborate on classroom practices that support my beliefs in these principles. I believe that these are the pillars of providing students a holistic education in their journey to becoming citizens of the world. 
Please click on the links below or from the drop down menu above to access.
Please click here for details about my professional teaching experience, both in my student teaching classroom, and my yoga classroom.

* Hart, S., Drummond, M. J. & McIntyre, D. (2007). Learning without limits: Constructing a pedagogy free from determinist beliefs about ability. In L. Florian (Ed.) The SAGE Handbook of special education (pp. 499-514). Los Angeles, CA: Sage.

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