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Big Idea To Explore

Language & Vocabulary Around Autism Discussions:

Since no true exploration of discussions around autism would be complete without looking at the language we use, this resource will also present resources to understand language and vocabulary that can be used to support the well being of all dis/abled and autistic people.

The Language & Vocabulary around Autism Discussions

"You're not automatically a bad or evil person/activist if you have used random language on here, but if you have the cognitive/language privilege to adjust your language, it's definitely worthwhile to consider becoming more aware/conscious of how everyday language helps perpetuate ableist ideas and values." Lydia X.Z.Brown/Autistic Hoya
Jac den Houting explains concepts/ definitions of:
- Social and Medical Models around Autism
- Dis/ability
- Paradigm Shift
- The Neurodiversity Paradigm
- The Diffusion Chain
- The Double Empathy Problem

ABA Opposition Resource List

Why ABA is so Harmful.

Stop ABA, Support Autistics: The Great Big ABA Opposition Resource List
A comprehensive list of articles that explain ABA and the harm it causes. Perspectives from autistic people who have been subjected to ABA, parents who have stopped ABA, former ABA providers and scientists.
Please note: Many of these articles describe conditions, language and actions that are extremely dehumanizing and can be disturbing.

Autism 101

A Deep Understanding

Neuroclastic: Autism 101: Resources from the Autistic Community
A truly comprehensive resource that addresses language, symbols, advocacy, ABA, labels, non speakers, stimming, meltdowns, empathy, competence. 
Also provides a diverse list of #ActuallyAutistic Facebook pages to follow.


What words to use.


What it is, and isn't.

The Autism Spectrum

Neuroclastic: How "The Golden Rule" harms autistic people.
A critical look at the idea of treating people how we want to be treated, as opposed to how they want to be treated.
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